A dumpster rental is often the best way to simplify waste disposal, the easiest solution for any commercial or residential projects like home renovation, spring cleaning up to cleaning out business waste. So, whether you are considering or scheduling a permanent dumpster or temporary dumpster or service take these simple steps to make your debris disposal painless as possible.

Dumpster Rental

Prepare for the Dumpster Pickup and Delivery 

Give space for your dumpster. You should clean the area from any obstacles that may cause a failed pickup and delivery. Make sure that you selected spot or location is at least ten feet wide and free from any hanging objects, tree branches or wires could be obstacles if they are close enough. In the meantime, commercial dumpsters should make sure that no trash outside the dumpster and that the space surrounding the enclosure and the corral is clear. And if you are still looking for a reliable dumpster check it out right here.   

Fill up your dumpster smart way as possible 

Fill Your Dumpster equally as you work. You can start by unlatching the loading door then fill the dumpster from the back to the end of the dumpster door. Do not allow garbage to hang over the sides or stick over the top. Also, the most efficient and safest method of disposing of large and heavy items is to go through the front-loading door than toss junks on the sides of the dumpster. 

Identify the prohibited items  

Please keep in mind that there are several items that are not allowed or prohibited in your dumpster. While is it always the goal of the dumpster rental service company to make your trash disposal of any kind as simple and easy as possible yet there several items that your dumpster rental couldn’t allow. Flammable materials like fuel or gasoline. Medical waste like medications, bandages or syringes. And any items having hazardous materials or toxic like lead or refrigerant and asbestos. Remember to keep your dumpster clear with toxic, flammable or hazardous materials, these elements should be disposed to a hazardous waste center or collection near you.   

Avoid Overfilling and Extra Dumpster Weight  

Always make sure to think the weight of the trash and not only the volume nor the capacity of the dumpsters. Also, when you are done filling the dumpsters you need to make sure that it is covered and the door is secured. This way you can avoid illegal dumping, and to keep passersby or neighbors from adding their own waste to your dumpster.  

Avoid Extra Dumpster’s Cost and Fees 

When you are not up for permanent dumpster yet and will only need for a temporary dumpster, you can do that but just make you sure to inform dumpster rental when you are done. In most service areas a rental period that covers about a week of use is included and bill for an extra fee for the additional days. In addition to this consult with your city to make sure you have all the necessary needed permits in settling your dumpster on a sidewalk, residential street or in a public property.